• This course contains some tests, namely:
    1. Daily tests of sem 1
    2. Daily test remedials of sem 1
    3. Mid semester's remedial of sem 1
    4. Final semester remedial of sem 1
    5. Daily tests of sem 2
    6. Daily test remedials of sem 2
    7. Mid semester's remedial of sem 2
    8. Final semester remedial of sem 2

    (Memberikan pendapat)

    Assistant : Good morning, Miss. Can I help you?

    Tiara : Yes, please. I need a pair of shoes and also a pair of jeans.

    Nana : And I want to buy a hat and dress.

    Assistant : Oh….. You can find it there.

    Tiara : Nana, come here! What do you think about this pair of jeans?

    Nana : I think that it’s suitable for you.

    Tiara : But, I don’t like the colour.

    Nana : It seems that this one is suitable for you. This is blue! Your favourite colour.

    Tiara : Yes, correct. I will take this one. And what about you?

    Nana : Wait a moment. I’ll choose one of these hats.

    Tiara : What colour do you want?

    Nana : I want red colour.

    Tiara : What about this red one?

    Nana : This is very sweet. I’ll try it first.

    Tiara : Where is the sitting room?

    Assistant : The fitting room is at the corner.

    Nana : Ok. Let’s go there.


    Social function: To amuse or entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experience in different ways. Narrative always deals with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.
    Generic Structure:
    1. Orientation ( who was involved, when and where was it happened)
    2. Complication ( a problem arises and followed by other problems)
    3. Resolution ( provide solution to the problem)
    Language features:
    1. Use of noun phrases ( a beautiful princess, a huge temple)
    2. Use of adverbial phrases of time and place ( in the garden, two days ago)
    3. Use of simple past tense ( He walked away from the village)
    4. Use of action verbs ( walked, slept)
    5. Use of adjectives phrases ( long black hair)

    The Three Sheiks and Queen of Arabia

    Maura, who liked to be thought of as the most beautiful and powerful queen of Arabia, had many suitors. One by one she discarded them, until her list was reduced to just threes sheiks, all equally young and handsome, rich and strong. It was very hard to decide who would be the best of them.
    One evening, Maura disguised herself and went to the camp of the three sheiks, as they were about to have dinner, and asked them for something to eat.
    The first gave her some leftover food; the second gave her some unappetizing camel’s tail; the third sheik, who was called Hakim, offered her some of the most tender and tasty meat. After dinner, the disguised queen left the sheiks’ camp.
    The following day the queen invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace. She ordered her servants to give each one exactly what they had given her the evening before.
    Hakim, who received a plate of delicious meat, refused to eat it if the other two could not share it with him, and this act finally convinced Queen Maura that he was the man for her.
    “Without question, Hakim is the most generous of you,” she announced her choice to the sheiks, “So, it is Hakim I will marry.”

  • Standar kompetensi:
    Memahami makna dalam teks fungsional pendek dan teks tulis esai berbentuk report, narrative dan analytical exposition dalamkonteks kehidupan sehari-hari
    Kompetensi Dasar:
    5.1 memehami text fungsional pendek dan essey berbentuk Analytical Exposition dalam kontex kehidupan sehari -hari untuk mengakses ilmu pengetahuan.


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    Text Analitical Exposition

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